C.Quartz Coatings

CQuartz Professional

CQuartz Professional is the most exclusive paint protection coating on the market today. Only hand picked installers are authorized to perform the prep and application of the coating. Absolute Perfection Auto Detailing is proud to be Eastern North Carolina's installer of CQuartz Professional.

Designed for the vehicle enthusiast that loves their car and wants it looking great wash after wash, CQuartz Professional helps maintain a rich, glossy surface. CQuartz Professional is extremely hydrophobic, causing water to repel from the surface. This property of the coating enables dirt and dust to be released easily, making cleaning a breeze. 

Unlike waxes or sealants, CQuartz Professional's durability is measured in years instead of weeks or months. 

Pricing (sales tax not included):
Starts at $1250
We’ll keep your vehicle in our care for a minimum of 3 days. 
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Wheels off: Wheels and caliber deep cleaned AND coated  — starting at $450

Window coating  — starting at $350

 Included in the C.Quartz Professional Treatment:

  • Wash 
  • Clean and apply a sealant to the wheels
  • Dress tires 
  • Clay the paint (step 1 of decontamination)
  • Treat the paint with Iron-X (step 2 of decontamination) to eliminate iron particles in the clear coat
  • Perform one step of polishing to achieve high gloss and shine (additional steps of compounding and polishing may be required to remove defects)
  • The surface is cleaned of any polishing oils
  • Apply two layers of C.Quartz Professional