Over the years, you might have begun to notice your car’s paint is starting to look faded or not as shiny and bright as it used to appear. We at Absolute Perfection Auto Detailing can help you remove defects from your paint such as swirls, waterspots, and oxidation giving your vehicle back its gloss and shine. 

Paint correction Raleigh North Carolina

Paint Correction

Perfect Your Paint! 

Paint Correction, also known as machine polishing, can truly enhance and maintain your car’s appearance. Based on the condition of your car’s paint, different levels of correction can be performed ranging from 1 -3 steps.  

  • 1-Step polish = 25-40% correction of light swirling (this is great for when swirls aren't being noticed that much and you just wish for added gloss and shine)
  • 2-Step polish = 50-75% correction of medium swirling, scratches, and other defects
  • 3-Step polish = 75-95% correction of heavy swirling, water spots, and other defects

Paint Correction can remove any water spots, light scratches, and finishing polish defects such as swirl marks. 

Paint sealant application is automatically included with paint correction services. If you wish for a more superior, longer lasting protection, click here for our Ceramic Coating Treatment!


How Much Does it Cost?

Due to the different levels of paint defects, overall condition of the vehicle, and the final expectations of each customer, visual inspection of the vehicle is required for a price quote.

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